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I see that a leading global Catholic newspaper “Crux” is calling the neutral stand on assisted dying by physicians group ‘startling’. This comes after the American Academy of Family Physicians have declared that they are no longer opposed to people who are terminally ill and in great pain being assisted to die – if they so choose. It shouldn’t be that startling as the Canadian Medical Association has already given its total approval to the move as well as a number of European medical associations.

What I would call ‘startling’ are the two news items on the same page of the Crux: Catholic clergy accused of sex abuse in San Francisco Bay and Former Catholic priest gets 20 years in child rape case. How can the church leadership try to push years of sexual abuse under the carpet while pretending to hold ethical objections to end of life choice? It seems that other peoples’ ethics matter more than ones ignored within the family of the priesthood.


Catholic church 'startled'

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