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A couple of weeks away with Family Time from Ashburton, Wellington, Palmerston North, Tauranga and we came home to some demanding deadlines and a couple of bits of interesting news.

One was that an interview that I did some weeks ago become part of an open public challenge to Maggie Barry concerning her bias on the Justice Committee. I missed it on Stuff but our local paper while we were away gave a very full report - including Maggie's infamous invitation for me to "have a cup of tea" instead of listening to serious questions on my submission to the Committee in June.

Other instances of her bias against submitters in favour of the Bill in various venues were reported including a moment I saw in which Maggie actually vacated her table to go and make herself a cup of tea while a moving submitter was presenting to her.

However, the Chairman's full reply was also published, claiming that all his members put aside their personal opinions when hearing submitters and no action would be proposed. So the matter is going to go no further. But Maggie has heard what people think about her attitude.

Barry''s Tea

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