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So when my mum turned 53 she was so pleased, and of course we were all like, why are you so pleased about 53? It is not exactly a significant age in terms of your big 50th or 60th but she said it was because she had outlived her own father.

Three years later she died at 56. So she outlived her father but not by much.

And she always said to me she never wanted to go through what her father had gone through, he died of lung cancer and he had no palliative care so she and her family had to look after him and he died when she was only like 18.

It’s ironic that the cycle started again and it could possibly happen with one of my sisters that we will die before we hit reach 60. I’m in support of getting this legislation through.

It’s really important to me to have this choice not only for myself but for my dad, who you know, is getting on in life and I don’t want him to have to go through what my mum did.

My Mum's dying showed me that choice is important

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