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It’s 2pm.  I subscribe to Google Alerts and at this time of day I get feeds to articles with “assisted+dying” in them. And I see that Mr Ken Orr spokesperson for Right to Life, an organisation supported by the Catholic Church and that preaches the church’s social message for it, has put pen to paper again.   

In 2010, Mr Orr received a Papal Award for upholding the church’s anti-birth control, anti-abortion, anti-assisted dying stance. Now he is demanding the immediate withdrawal of the Seymour End of Life Choice Bill before MPs get a chance to even think about it. Stop the Bill in its tracks. They should not debate it. They should not listen to the viewpoints of citizens on this subject. And here was I thinking that it’s a Parliamentarian’s job to listen to the viewpoints of citizens!    

Mr Orr is also known to oppose the concept of a binding referendum as proposed by New Zealand First and incorporated by David Seymour as an Addendum to his Bill.   He feels it is too complex a question for citizens to vote on. At the same time, he proudly asserts that 77% of submissions to Maryan Street’s petition were opposed to the legalisation of assisted dying and he quotes this figure as good reason to shut down the debate altogether.   

Sorry, Mr Orr, but you can’t have it both ways. If citizens don’t understand the issues, why quote their uninformed opinions in support of yours? Or perhaps we should only pay heed to citizens whose viewpoints chime with those of Right to Life?  

By the way, when I googled to get the hyperlink for you dear Reader, I was offered an online poll: Yes or No to legalising assisted dying.  I voted Yes.  So had 78% of other readers. 

No, no Mr Orr

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