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On Friday, at a rodeo in Martinborough, Stuff reports, a bull was critically injured. “ The incident happened when a bull’s leg broke ..........forcing organisers to euthanase the animal on site.”

An eye witness reported that the animal “lay there bellowing and salivating for almost 10 minutes” before being removed.

Under the End of Life Choice Bill, the bull was suffering from a grievous and irremediable condition. I think we can assume that it was in an advanced and irreversible decline in capacity, and experiencing unbearable suffering that could not be relieved in a manner which he would have considered tolerable.

In any event, there was apparently no doubt in the minds of those responsible for the animal, and the euthanasia was carried out within minutes.

I am guessing that those who witnessed this event thoroughly approved of the euthanasia. But will those same people support the EOLC legislation? Will they urge their MP vote in favour? Will they demonstrate compassion for animals, but deny suffering humans the opportunity to make the same choice for themselves.

OK for bulls

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