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Sean Davison is back in the news. He was convicted in New Zealand of assisting the suicide of his mother. She tried to starve herself to death. He had to watch.  

How much better it would have been if mother could have chosen the time of her death, and legally taken medication to achieve it. Asking your children to help you to die is one of the most traumatic things a parent can do, leaving crippling guilt in its wake. The child feels guilty if they refuse for fear of being prosecuted, and guilty if they don’t. Either way, imagine carrying for the rest of your life the picture of your mother’s horrible death. Better left to medical professionals who are willing to assist, but for that you need legislation.

New Zealand politicians are now considering the End of Life Choice Bill, and will vote on it next year. Laws allowing assisted dying in strictly limited circumstances have recently passed in Canada, some states in USA, Victoria in Australia, and are being actively considered by others.

Reputable polls have consistently shown that over 70% of New Zealanders want to this legislation, but submitters to the Justice Select Committee are largely against. The silent majority needs to start speaking out to politicians, by email or letter, least you find yourself in Sean Davison‘s shoes one day.

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