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The loss of a loved one is a very sad time but made more so by the agonising way in which the loved one dies a long cruel process when the begging voice falls on deaf ears, break through pain racks their body and soul and for the ones left to watch this horrifying scene.

I thought life could sometimes be hard but death is far harder. My proud father and attractive beautiful mother reduced to weak withering skeletons begging for help to leave this earth. These are now the memories that linger. This is not humane, let peace be our last wish that should be given when we need it the most.


These are the ways you can help:

Tell your MP: Tell him or her that you support YES TO DIGNITY IN DYING. Talk to them in person or find their contact details here to send them a message.

Help us with money: Please make a donation to help our hundreds of volunteers to pay for campaign messages.

Join as a member: A small contribution gives you membership status and allows us to stay in touch. Join online or by mail.

Contribute and comment: Join us on Facebook and Twitter and have your voice heard along with the majority of New Zealanders.

See the Resources page for help in communicating.





YES to Dignity in Dying

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